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State Resource Guides

Your state's Mobility Resource Guide* contains a list of nearby Driver Assessment Centers, various Mobility Providers, State Agencies and additional information.

Select your state on the map below to download your Mobility Resource Guide.

Zip Code Specific Resources

To view zip code specific information, enter your zip code and area radius that you wish to search below. In addition, select the type of information that you wish to view in the provided check boxes before you select the submit button. Clicking SUBMIT will display a printable list of the local resources in your area.**

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* This information is being provided by Ford Motor Company for assistance and reference purposes only, and no endorsement is intended. The quality of services and/or equipment provided by others can only be assured by the supplying organization. Consumers should verify information, check with adaptive equipment manufacturers and obtain complete references before having their vehicle conversion or adaptation completed.
** For best results, the list of resources should be printed in a landscape orientation.

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Canada Mobility Centre

Canadian customers, please visit Ford Mobility Centre Canada.

For more information, call (800) 387-7944.


Vehicles that are purchased or modified in the U.S. are not eligible for the Ford Mobility Motoring Program U.S. reimbursement for our Canadian customers. Please purchase your vehicle through a Canadian Ford Dealership.

Reimbursement Assistance

The reimbursement process is made simple with help from your Ford Dealer. Only Ford Dealers can submit Mobility Reimbursement claims. That means all you need to do is visit them once your adaptive equipment installation is completed. They will assist you in submitting your claim.

You will need the following information to submit for reimbursement:

  • Vehicle bill of sale (must have the VIN included)
  • Paid adaptive equipment invoice

Your reimbursement check will be mailed to you about two weeks after your Ford Dealer submits your claim.

If you have any questions about the reimbursement process, or any aspect of the Ford Mobility Motoring Program, please contact the Ford Mobility Customer Care Center: (800) 952-2248.