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Ford Employees Dealing with disAbilities (FEDA)

Founded in 2002, FEDA helps ensure the company's ongoing commitment to employees with disabilities and provides a first-stop resource for information and networking tools for employees dealing with disabilities of their own or of others. FEDA works in concert with efforts in the United States and Europe to help Ford vehicles become the mobility vehicles of choice for customers dealing with disabilities.


To be the preeminent, first-stop resource for Ford Motor Company employees dealing with disAbilities.


  • To provide useful, practical, interactive and up-to-date information which will allow employees dealing with disabilities to maximize their contributions while working for Ford Motor Company.
  • Eliminate social barriers inhibiting employees dealing with disAbilities.
  • Contribute to the culture change necessary to make Ford Motor Company the Employer of Choice for employees dealing with disAbilities.
  • Provide networking tools for employees dealing with disAbilities.

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