Get Your Reimbursement | Your Mobility Checklist

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The Road to Mobility Checklist – Help at Every Turn

The road to driving independence can seem daunting at times, so we've simplified the process in this easy-to-use Mobility Checklist PDF.

Though it may not be necessary to complete all the tasks on this list, each should be considered before moving on to the next step.

Download the Checklist
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  • Prepare to drive
    • Get your mobility "prescription" at a Driver Assessment Center
    • Learn your state's driving laws
    • Take driver's education classes (if needed)
    • Get your driver's license (if you don't already have one)
  • Discuss your options with your Ford Dealer
    • Assess your personal needs and the needs of your family
    • Visit your Ford Dealer to discuss vehicle options
    • Select your Ford vehicle
    • Select your QVM (if you require vehicle modifications)
    • Select your adaptive equipment dealer/manufacturer
    • Discuss your vehicle plan with your Ford Dealer
  • Purchase your vehicle
    • Apply for Ford Credit (optional)
    • Purchase your vehicle
    • Plan pick-up, modification and equipment installation with your Ford Dealer
  • Order upfits and adaptive equipment
    • Have vehicle modifications made and accessibility equipment installed
    • Keep your paid invoice to submit for financial reimbursement
  • Submit receipts to your Ford Dealer
    • Obtain your adapted Ford vehicle
    • Bring your vehicle bill of sale and paid adaptive equipment invoice to your Ford Dealer
    • Have your Ford Dealer submit your claim for reimbursement
    • Receive your reimbursement check (two to four weeks later)

If you have any questions about the reimbursement process, or any aspect of the Ford Mobility Motoring Program, please contact the Ford Mobility Customer Care Center: (800) 952-2248