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Hoist Lifts Available on:

  • Cars
  • Crossovers and SUVs
  • Trucks and Vans

Platform Lifts Available on:

  • Transit

This category contains an array of innovatively engineered lifts that can pick up wheelchairs or scooters and store them inside or outside of your vehicle. There's a lift customized for each vehicle, but may not suit each persons’ need. Please consult a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist to help determine which equipment will be appropriate for your driving skills and vehicle.

There are two basic types of lifts covered here, platform and hoist lifts.

These two lifts come in various types: hydraulic, electrical mechanical, gravity and those that combine hydraulic and electrical.

Hoist Lifts

Car Top Lift:  An electric motor-driven hoist operates by switches. A steel pin lowers to pick up a manual wheelchair, which folds as it rises to the carrier.

Cargo Area Lift: An electric motor-driven swing arm hoist that operates by a pendant will lift a scooter or power wheelchair into the cargo area of a van, truck or SUV.

Pickup Truck Lift: A swing arm hoist picks up the scooter, rigid wheelchair or power wheelchair and stores in the bed of the truck via an electric motor and pendant operation.

Trunk Lift: Places the scooter in the trunk, provided the scooter will fit in the trunk.


Platform Lifts

Platfom Lifts: This lift is stored either in the side, the rear, or under the floor of a van. The lift requires two doors or a sliding door on the side of a van. The platforms have expanded metal in the upper half of the platform for better visibility when the lift is folded and the van is being driven.

There are major differences between automatic and semi-automatic lifts. A fully automatic lift will fold, unfold, lower and raise by operating a switch located inside (on the side of the lift) or outside (on the side of the van), and, in most cases, on the dash. A semi-automatic lift requires manual folding and unfolding of the platform. Using a hand-held pendant switch, the platform can be mechanically lowered and raised. This type of lift requires assistance. It is designed for passengers who will not be riding alone.

Interior Storage Lift: Made to lift scooters and power wheelchairs into the cargo area of vans. The platform allows the equipment to be rolled onto the platform and stored inside the vehicle. The equipment user must be able to transfer.

Rotary (Swing) Lift: Offers greater parking convenience due to less room needed to enter and exit the van. This device swings into the van and the lift platform sits on the floor in the middle of the van. The person is lifted with their equipment into the vehicle.

Under-the-Floor Lift: Lifts stored under the van require modifications to the exhaust system, gas tank, etc., depending on the make of the van.