Your California Privacy Rights

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Technical Implementation Example

Method: Javascript Include

This is a way to dynamically pull the master wording onto a page on your site with your own look-and-feel, formatting, fonts, colors, etc.

You can pull the master wording into your own template by adding a short snippet of code to a page on your site, like the example below.

Then, on your site's homepage, place a link called "Your California Privacy Rights" that goes to the page you created on your site.

Code Insert Example:

Customization Options: If you put this code within a template that already defines the area using Cascading Style Sheets, the wording from the JavaScript include should assume your site's look-and-feel, formatting, fonts, colors, etc., or you can use an inline style to format the text.

The paragraphs in the JavaScript are surrounded by p tags which can assume your site's style sheet definition for paragraph formatting, or you can add a reference to the entire block of text which is surrounded by the following span tags to allow you to create a custom style rule for that material, if necessary:

Please note if your site delivers pages via https, you will need to leverage the secured version of the JavaScript file: Certain browsers (e.g. Chrome) will suppress the non-secured content on https pages. As a workaround, use the secured version of the JavaScript file.


Having the master wording on is intended to reduce the issue of conflicting versions and make it possible to update the wording globally without requiring each site make revisions and updates individually.

Because each site has different processes and workflows, this can result in delays to rollout changes and updates. Therefore, it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you cut and paste the master wording into your own site, which will defeat the purpose of having master wording that can be updated globally.

Instead, please use the above method to link to the master wording or include it dynamically into your template.