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Available on:

  • Explorer
  • Transit Connect

Ramps allow vehicle entry while a person is using their wheelchair. This conversion requires a structural modification including lowering the vehicle floor. With this type of conversion the modification must be made by a Ford QVM modifier for eligibility. Generally the floor is lowered 8 to 10 inches to accommodate a ramp and have room from floor to ceiling allowing the person to ride in the vehicle from their wheelchair. Wheelchair restraints are required to fasten the vehicle to the floor.

Fold-Out Ramps Fold-out ramps allow the ramp to be deployed to the curb allowing passengers entrance and exit to the vehicle. They are folded in half and remain vertical while in closed position.

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In-Floor Ramps: These ramps are stored under the floor of the vehicle and are hidden away while the vehicle is in use.

Manual Ramps: These ramps can either be on the side or rear of the vehicle depending on the conversion and are operated by the wheelchair user's companion.

Power Ramps: An automated ramp entry system allows the wheelchair user to deploy the ramp with the click of a key fob.