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Available on:

  • Cars
  • Crossovers and SUVs
  • Trucks and Vans

This equipment group contains four types of carriers, all designed to help securely transport wheelchairs and scooters with minimal effort. From electric motor-driven functions to lowering a hoist, these carriers are ready to go to work for you.

Bumper-Mounted Carrier: Allows manual wheelchairs to be mounted on a bumper. Most of the bumper-mounted carriers can be removed to allow access to the trunk.

Car Top Carrier: An electric motor-driven hoist operates by switches. A steel pin lowers to pick up a manual wheelchair, which folds as it rises to the carrier.

Hitch-Mounted Carrier: Tilts down when loading the wheelchair and then easily tilts up and locks into place.

Pickup Truck Carrier: Stores the wheelchair in the bed of the truck after the wheelchair has been folded and picked up by an electric-driven motor. Some available manufacturers' carriers will pick up the rigid chair, power wheelchair or a scooter.